Thursday, May 13, 2010

Things I am excited about these past weeks.

1. New business
2. New business opportunity that is not the same as number 1. 
3. Blogger in Draft!

I noticed some changes some week ago when i was uploading photos. But those changes dissapeared after one day. Yeah, must be doing some new testings, but i never knew they are at public beta testing stage. Oh the nerd in me is excited. Just what i need at just the right time. 

The big baby
Sigh, the goes all baby self feeding related post. I am too busy with all the three things above plus looking after baby PP being sick (AND Daddylicious! the biggest baby out of them all) and Mummylicious being sick too.

You know people keep saying that "men are babies when they are sick"
It's wrong.
with photo proof that in actuality, it is "men are worse than babies when they are sick".

 It hard taking care of the big baby, the smaller one is a joy even when she is sick :)

"Hmm Mummy, i think you are right. Daddy is a big baby!...but i still can't button myself"


::Ida:: said...

gaahhh... PP soooo cuteeee!!!!! like i can pinch her cheeks now!!! and owh, daddylicious looks like he could trip any minute now :P

Mummylicious said...

Hehe you doa la Hariz will be this joyful when he is sick. I'm happy PP is happy even with all her snots!