Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Baby went to weddings: Part 1

Over the weekend, PP has attended her 7th wedding reception and that is counting per couple, not actual receptions! It means, in average PP attended 1 wedding per month in her 6 1/2 months in this world. That beats most people i know. 

So in order to remember all, i must recap (cause Mummylicious memory loss remember?)

Wedding No. 1 at 1 months and 1 weeks old

Mummylicious was still in confinement! at 40 days therefore under strict orders to wear covered shoes! As if i haven't hit my toe before that already. Tsk clumsy Mummylicious. It was my cousin's wedding which made it compulsory to attend. Nothing fit on Mummylicious! 

so I wore my mom's kebaya :)

 PP slept peacefully throughout the music and clatter. I was glad. 

Issues with newborn at wedding: 
She finished her pumped breastmilk in the bottle and wanted more. No place to change nor privacy to feed but looking in the "excess guests" room and finding it empty, it became our changing/nursing room. Plus, when family photographs were going on, i just sat by a corner with a nursing cover on top of PP to hide her from view. 

Wedding No.2 at 1 months and 2 weeks old.
An old college mate wedding. First home/outdoor/hot weather wedding reception. The heat of an afternoon wedding made the trip quite short.

sucking in tummy! this was pre-pregnancy clothes btw. Glad i have free sizes stuff.

Mummylicious and Daddylicious learned the "how-to-eat-while-holding-baby" skill. Which is, 
A. take turns to eat while one eats while the other holds the baby
B. Get one person to cut things into small pieces so you can eat with one hand while holding to baby with another.

Its a skill we were to use until she is at least 5 years old. Ps: breastfeeding was done in the car before and after event.

Wedding No.3 and 4 at 2 months old

This was intense. It was another cousin's wedding which consist of 2 receptions and my SIL's wedding which was 3 receptions! and one of them was in Kulim, Kedah. Wuhuu, that marked PP's first long distance drive. Their weddings other than the 5 hours drive one...was back to back wedding receptions over ONE weekend. 

Center of attention
Two ladies in white. Guess who is the more popular one? 
Parents K.O
 At 2 months, PP was the the main flowergirl!!!
Spot the PP at the 2nd reception for SIL's
Fan for the baby. None for the bride :P

For my SIL's wedding ceremonies, finally made new baju kurungs (that i no longer fit! btw). You will see i recycled those 2 baju kurung twice. It is now loose and i'm glad i managed to wear it more than once.
For my cousin's. Missed all family photographs sessions again. Just like the first wedding. So this was our only photos with the bride and groom. I think.

And PP vomited on me while breastfeeding which was before this photo was taken. No stain see!. I was very very very glad i covered myself with a towel while feeding her to protect self from leaks.

Wedding No. 5 at 2 months and 2 weeks old

It was my university days friend. For the solemnisation ceremony. I was flying solo as it was held on a weekday evening. It.was.NOT.easy. PP was not in good mood. Missed the actual solemnisation. Had to hide in master bedroom while PP had a temper tantrum during the event. Thank God her cries weren't loud enough to be heard during the "I do's" downstairs. Drove myself. Had friend to get my food. Thank you!

And the reception at Dewan Felda Perdana, escape route was bad...Mummylicious and Daddylicious was on LIVE FEED monitor showing us looking for place to change and nurse PP. And all the while rocking PP to not make her cry. LIVE FEED! big.ass.monitor. all over hall!! cringe. 

Breastmilk in bottle turned bad. My clothe was NOT breastfeeding friendly. I was recycling my baju kurung from SIL's wedding with zip at the back. So, in half naked form, disabled toilet was my nursing station. Hot. Hubby took his time getting back to toilet to help me zip up. and changing room was unused tables outside of hall.
Waiting to get photographs. 
Managed to get second trip to change diaper in a more comfortable VIP room

Wedding No. 6 at 5 months old

A closeclose friend's brother wedding. Daddylicious became impromtu official photographer. Mummylicious flew half-solo again. Found the only spot with airconditioning. Stayed there and not move. until I got bored.

continued in Part 2


::Ida:: said...

woh now i can really c YOU! sebelum ni all photos either part of you or you're looking away :P hate to say this but... you're so pwettyy (-_-)'

Mummylicious said...

jap. need to adjust my seat before i fall over due to kembangness. tq but you have to remember la, those are all photos at events ie: MAKEUP! hehe
ida, you are pretty too!