Monday, May 03, 2010

Mummylicious is high

I tell you what can beat Godiva chocolate for ultimate fantasy. However, to get a good one, it is still not cheap, cheaper than Godiva but still not cheap. It is...

But let me tell you what beats all that! 
Yup. Durian+Godiva+Vanilla latte (decaf). I am definitely high. Who needs wine and drugs!!! 

I told Daddylicious i am so happy i had durian and vanilla latte to which he said "You're not supposed to have to have durian and coffee together! you mabuk! *get drunk" to which i replied "heeeheeeeheeee I AM!"

The effect of those items combined left Mummylicious feeling delirious and happy. Breastfeeding PP however, remains unknown. Some people say don't eat durian if you are breastfeeding, baby will get gas, tummyache and extra hot like the mummy but some people say eating durian will increase milk production due to the amount of fat one durian could contain. I'm not sure, but honestly, i don't really care.

Will or did PP like the durian milkshake? She drank a lot before sleeping just now...or will the milkshake be ready for tomorrow morning? Guess only find out tomorrow!

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