Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby Rolling, Shuffling and Creeping and the 1st horror

Baby and rolling around.

Baby PP is approximately 7 months and 1 week old now and confirmed, she is not a rolling around baby. No rolly-polly actions for baby PP, nope. no siree. She roll-over. Yes. from her back to tummy..from tummy to back. Very often. but she always remained in the same spot and she rarely does it. Too rare that it's hard to remember when she started doing it often. But again. same spot. back and forth.
Amongst the rare times she self-roll. To peek at her Mummy and Daddy.

Was I as a worrywart mother worried? of course! i just said i'm a worrywart paranoid always think of the worst that could happen person. As a mother? Double, triple...fine..quadtriple that. 

Babies normally starts rolling around at 2 to 6 months. (See useful links below for reading marterials) That's what most caregivers would attest to. But then some babies are not bothered with rolling around. 
"The age when babies roll over, sit up, creep, stand up, or walk is more variable than the age when they get control of their head or arms. A lot depends on temperament and weight. A wiry, energetic baby is in a great rush to get moving. A plump, placid one may be willing to wait until later." Dr Spock.
Guess PP is a too plump and placid baby eh Dr Spock? 

We tried everything to get her to roll. First was to let her loads of belly time. Everyday for at least an hour since birth. The loads of helping hand to help her roll to encourage her to do herself.  Putting toys near her. Rattles. Fav soft toys. new shiny things. Diamonds and pearls. Loads.. of everything actually. 

But nothing works...except to give her, her own time. ...and to let her be angry :P

Trying....trying....gave up on rolling video. She gave up for a looong time after that. 
This was at 4 months and 2 week.

A week after that! 
yay, a captured rare among the first 3 self roll. Near 4 Months and 3 weeks?
Too tired to roll again? Or too lazy? Sad face hoping for help
Once. then nothing. then once more.
Only when she is angry.

But me, the worrywart, was still worried even after PP's Pead's saw her at her 5 months and 6 months appointment and told me she is developing normally. Baby PP can lift her head up more than 45 degree, her neck is strong, would roll with a little bit of we lift her using only her hands, she would immediately straighten her legs and stand up! from 4 months on! She also started to "butt shuffling" (creeping on her back and bottom using hands and legs) in her sleep at around 4 months too. We would find her in many positions when she wakes up around here.

 In Phuket, we discovered she is starting to move butt shuffling while sleeping.
Put her in the middle. She ends somewhere at the side
The beginning of the cot being too big.
Around late 3 months to 4 month

So we knew, somewhere deep inside me, she is ok. She just doesn't see the point of rolling around. "Why should i? i just cry and someone is bound to pick me up!" Too lazy. (I wonder where she gets that from? *roll eyes)

More butt shuffling and creeping begins.

I finally stopped worrying...very recently when though she doesn't roll around to get to Point A to Point B. Baby PP does indeed roll-over once or twice when she wants to and then she started to creep backward, forward...sideways. And indeed, more butt shuffling. That came around 6 months plus. 

Baby PP chasing a ball. This was last week. We realise she have started doing some creeping around 6 months and 3 weeks. 

"Hallo! Hug me!"

"Just having my post lunch drink. Dont need help"

"I don't know how i ended up here from having a drink. Hmmmm was it a combination of creeping, rolling over once or twice (cause that is all i care to do) and butt shuffling? Hmmm"

"I think I'm stuck. or maybe I'm too lazy to creep anymore but i want my toys!"
"I know, i drag my toys and my playmat towards me!"

Yesterday, was the horror amongst all horror!!!!

We put baby PP at one end of our king sized bed  (where Daddylicious was) as we were busy packing things for our weekend trip to the in-laws. She scooted on her back, made her way backward to the other end (where I was, packing baby clothes). 

Suddenly, when she was 2 feet away from the edge, Baby PP made a MAJOR backward launch  with her legs that made her head and first half of her tiny body went south, towards the hard marble floor! I was...and still am in horror over what could have happened. 

Gravity is scary and I am very thankful, at THAT moment of self-launch, I was by that side of the bed and not in baby PP's closet looking for her clothes just a minute before. And I am very thankful i somehow saw my little baby going South instead of maintaining her Westward direction at the corner of my eye. Thankful my reflexes came into action. A split second decision and action. Thankful that i managed to hold down her sliding, SLIDING chubby thighs and quickly lifted her up. 

OOhhhh i gave Daddylicious an earful after that. 
When the shouting was over...i know it wasn't completely his fault. It was my fault too for not anticipating it. For assuming Daddylicious had added a pillow at the end. And that she is safe. Very safe. I was there. Thank God i was there. 
"It is amazing how fast such a baby can reach the edge, and many do fall from an adult bed to the floor, which makes a parent feel very guilty. " Dr Spock
Thanks Dr Spock. I think even a near fall makes a parent VERY guilty.

Nope. No video of that incident. Nor photos. Crazy ah?! But I have a photo from today wearing her new dress :)

"I'm so prettyyyy, so so pretty!"

No falling off the bed for you little missy. Not yet anyway. Lets wait until the crawling starts and Mummylicious can teach you how to get down from the bed safely.

And after the incident while we packed to stay over at the inlaws, we know we had to be EXTRA vigilant with Baby PP on the queen sized bed at the inlaws.

How Baby PP is protected from all sides. 
Daddylicious sleeping vertically. Mummylicious horizontally.
Baby PP. Safe.

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miralatiff said...

Baby PP is so adorably cute in that dress!
Yup..Baby around her age is moving so fast..sekelip mata je dah in different spot..
I lagi rela biar I yang jatuh katil not the baby..they are so 'fragile' la..:)
Your flu dah recover ker?

Mummylicious said...

my bed is high! gila i trauma after that. so many what ifs going thru my head.
flu dah recover. 3 hari totally out! nasib baik live with my mom and had my in laws. all i had to do was kasi susu. hehe lain time, tido!