Monday, May 17, 2010

Mummylicious remembering pregnancy woes from "The Back Up Plan"

Last night Daddylicious and I watched one of our *new* DVDs that were bought ermmm a month ago? You think we have bought dozens to only reach to this, but you know Malaysia, buy 5 get 1 free DVDs offers? Yeah, 6 *new* DVDs, bought a month ago, and we only reached movie number 3. And people wonder why I have no time to go to a cinema, its taking us forever to finish watching 6 DVDs!. Life of a parent eh?

Anyway, I digress. We watched Jennifer Lopez's new movie "The Back Up Plan" whom she starred with this other guy who is not very popular at all. Without giving away the spoiler *hah! its a romantic comedy*, I'll give you a basic summary of what the movie is about. 

Madam Lopez is a single lady of unknown age grown tired of being single decided to start a family by herself, got herself artificially inseminated then met a guy soon after and then found out she was pregnant after that first insemination *who would have thunk that?*, but can Madam Lopez and the forgetful guy be together anyway? 

So, in conclusion, lots of pregnancy stuff and whacked hormones behaviour. And me saying to Daddylicious, "No wonder we're supposed to be married first then get pregnant" cause being pregnant = not so sexy behaviours and sudden hormonal tantrums that if you're not married ie: your man is stuck with you = run man, run.

Scenes that got Daddylicious rolling his eyes and saying "this brings back memories of *someone* i know very well"

1. Madam Lopez throwing clothes around and yelling nothing fits her.

3 months up and nothing fits. All my beautiful clothes. All my expensive jeans. It was terrible, terrible time. Going out would bring fits of tears because nothing i want to wear fits. and it doesn't help that i was refusing to buy maternity clothes. 

What makes it worse? When you decide to go maternity pants shopping, nothing still fits! You are still too small to fit maternity pants OR its too blardy expensive. 

What with maternity clothes anyway? So its designed to fit women double their normal size so you decide to double the price as well? Not like the designs are nice anyway. I am pregnant, doesn't mean I should be wearing ruffles and floral patterns for the next 9 months! Ruffles, ruffles and ruffles and FLOWERS. Look, i know i am pregnant, the testament of actually being a woman but doesn't mean i automatically want to dress like a flower bouquet.

I retaliated by not buying maternity clothes but to buy larger sized dresses, maxi dresses, empire styled tops and the best...leggings. At least i can wear them AFTER pregnancy and not to be mistaken as still pregnant. I had and still having issues with pregnancy clothes.

2. Madam Lopez went shopping with LOOOADSS of baby clothes and her forgetful co-star yelling at her, that's a lot of clothes for an unborn child, what happens after?! 

Answer: More clothes. Baby PP closet is bigger than Daddylicious. Dudududuuduuuuu

3. Madam Lopez and the pregnancy pillow attachment

I didn't get a pregnancy pillow which is basically a very huge long pillow for pregnant women to hug and support her growing stomach while she sleeps. I think its a waste of money. 

Snoogle Chic - Snoogle Total Body Pregnancy Pillow with Easy-off Zippered CoverTodays Mom Cozy Comfort Pregnancy PillowLeachco Back 'N Belly - Contoured Body Pillow - Ivory 
Ugly aren't they?

Instead, i made my half of king sized bed into a fortress! 

1 pillow for the head, 1 pillow for the stomach, 1 pillow to hug between my legs, 1 just to wrap my arms with and 1 pillow to support my back. Needless to say, my half of bed turned into 3 quarters and Daddylicious ended up with a small portion to curled up in. I loved my fortress of pillows, he hated it. He tried to moved my pillow no.5, the back support pillow several times and that ended up with me growling at him.

Note: Dear husbands to current pregnant wives. Do note that her pillow fortress is very important and vital for her to be comfortable. Although your stomach may be equivalent to her stomach size, it does not mean she is as comfortable sleeping without her pillows as you are. Deal with it.

4. Madam Lopez eating junk food in bed while reading baby/pregnancy books

That says it all.

5. Buying stroller scene.

Choose ONE out of hundreds

Once you hit the stage of pregnancy where purchasing begins, choosing a stroller to fit your lifestyle and budget will be one of your important purchase. And the choices are mind numbing. Safety vs price. Style vs comfort. Ways to fold. Space it requires in the car. etcetcetc. Literally, mind numbing. Good luck on that one.

But I miss them all. Not sure if Daddylicious does but honestly, who cares?

PS: Happy Birthday to me :)
Since my birthday is still ongoing for the next 19 hours, the post and pictures will have to wait


::Ida:: said...

it's your birthday?? Happy Birthday Mummylicious!!!! Did PP made a special 'cake' for you? :P

Liz said...

I agree with number 1-3:

1) Bought jeans in Zara at 3months pregnant claiming that I can wear it. Yeahright. Denial giler. Needless to say, I just hantar to pendekkan the kaki and alter tadi, more than a year after! Hate maternity clothes. Denial also.
2) I bought clothes for Aiden like crazy till u screamed at me to stop. Then you became pregnant and became me. Haha
3) Pillow underneath tummy. Enuff said.

miralatiff said...

First of all, Happy Birthday to dear Mummylicious!

Second of all, I so hate Maternity Clothes!! Not to mention the floral design and outdated style but like you said it's blardy expensive..I pon beli baju oversize with reasonable price..

I need to put in my list to watch this movie when I get back to Malaysia!!

Mummylicious said...

ida: no "special" cake. just sloppy kisses :)

liz: hei at least i bought gazillion of clothes for the right gender :P

mira: oversized clothes makes more sense. I forgot to say i love buying loose cut shirts and I wore my mom's shirt, daddylicious's shirt and t-shirts. haha anything to limit buying new clothes. why ah maternity clothes so mahal?
movie wishlist, haaha you sure ah? the fun part was only the pregnancy scenes that somehow i can relate to.

and thanks for the wishes :)

miralatiff said...

Tular..I don't really get it why is it so expansive..Talking about material, macam biasa2 jer..

Hehehe..Time pregnant memang best pakai loose shirt..My husband claimed that I stretched his shirt because of my bloated belly..At that time I don't care..Yang penting comfortable..

Mummylicious said...

hahah true true. who cares about what the husbands says about their shirts. i want to be comfortable dang it!

Anonymous said...

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