Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Baby went to weddings: Part 2

A continuation from part 1 yesterday...and it has come to PP's latest wedding reception, which was last weekend.

Wedding No. 7 at 6 months and 2 weeks old.

With the tallll bride and groom and my favourite FOC nannies :P
Mummylicious: "Bride, you are very pretty"
PP: "Don't worry mummy, i think you are pretty too" while patting my chest. I love my PP

An old high school friend's wedding and finally! FINALLY i was able to fit into my pre-pregnancy black kebaya that has been hanging out of my closet since the FIRST wedding. 

I tried it on before every event requiring formal wear and last weekend...with an already defeated heart, i put my arm through a sleeve..."Not tight around the arms...hmm" then the other arm went through...."hmm no stretching across my back" and then...the FINAL test for the kebaya top...buttoning up. The last few instances i tried this...i was...the Hulk! Bigger boobies did not help! so..."here goes nothing" i said. And it fits! it fits! what a milestone for Mummylicious! and then came the skirt...will i be able to hook it up? will it goes over my big butt? as those were the issues before. I think i nearly tore my skirt up anyway when i did a little happy jig when everything fits. Phew! 

PP: "Can someone else takeover? I am not impressed by Aunty Dela feeding skills"

Another milestone, this time for PP, its her first wedding reception where she had solid food. And Aunty Dela did the honours while Mummy finally had lunch :)


miralatiff said...

The beautiful of breastfeeding is mencepatkan process untuk kurus! look so pretty is that black kebaya!

Mummylicious said...

hahaha honestly not sure if BF helps. I rasa sama je if you jaga baby sorang2 because you be running everywhere anyway.

Tq for the compliment! very useful la that decade old kebaya :P