Monday, May 03, 2010

Mummylicious love Godiva chocolates

G-Na came back from Vietnam trip...and she bought home....GODIVA chocolates! OOhhhhhHHHH...Super excited! Lucky Tiyah "rescued" the chocolates from being left in the fridge to be consumed by unappreciative non-chocolatiers. She bought it to my room for "safe-keeping", where we immediately gushed over the box, take photos, uuuhhhsss and aaahhss over them and finally, bitting into the delectable, other worldly experience. As mere mortal words cannot describe the heavenly, purely orgasmic effect one would have after experiencing good chocolates such as Godiva's, here are tons of photos to make you drool.

PP drooling over Godiva's. See drool.
"Sorry sweetheart, this is for adult consumption only. When you're older, i get you Cadbury ok?"

But maybe she was more interested in the box it came with. It is red, PP's favourite colour. hmm

PP's Tiyah drooling over the pictures of the chocolate truffles
Godiva's Chocolate Truffles box-outside

After minutes of aaaahs and uuhhss and drumrolls to open, the inside. 
Kinda anti-climax BUT the taste....

....the taste...uuhh orgasmic. Yes, i love my chocolates. Yes, that much.

Daddylicious did not like the chocolate. Harrummphh..what a waste of half a truffle! 

The cost of heavenly taste in your mouth. 
Yes. USD 43 for 16 small chocolate truffles. And that was duty free.

A bit of a warning, don't eat more than 2 at once. You will feel very very very light headed...and high.

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::Ida:: said...

now i just remembered chocolate beli langkawi aritu tak makan lagi!!!! :P