Saturday, May 08, 2010

Mummylicious had a very stressed out week

It has been a crazy week. Full hectic behaviour from morning till ermm..morning again. Am not getting enough rest. 

Reason No.1: Mummylicious quest to obtain Chanel involved a lot of headaches with banking technicalities. I said it before, and i say it again and this time Daddylicious finally see the truth as it unfold in front of him LAST friday...I AM JINXED when it comes to technologies.

Reason No.2: New business venture. YUP! you hear here first..but what exactly? Hint: Babies :)

As with anything that involves money, takes a lot of initial research. But it will be worth it, if not for the money that will ticccckleee in, it will be for the sake of doing something other than adminstrative work that will begin soon. This whole week and last has been research research research. Today is not much different. Bah!

Reason No.3: Combine all that with PP food supply depleted. And all frozen homemade items gone. Plus its peads visit and a H1N1 scare (to myself and family members). It has been seriously crazy.

Here is a summary of a week of technologies failure. In words of a customer service rep .i am, an isolate case.

I am very popular with RHB, Maybank AND Maxis customer care service people at all hour, day and night, called all of them at least twice, at most 7?10?lost count. I was an "isolated case" for Maybank2U error. Noone had my problem before that  in 24 hours. Given wrong amount to exchange. I was advised to wait then found 3 systems maintance and 1 TT-service opening hours closed at the time i was specifically advised to try again. Maxis asked for info that i did not have, because Maxis blocked it. How am i suppose to give them a number i was expecting, hoping to get?Catch-22. When i did found out, they blocked it instead of unblocking and activating it. LOTS of 24 hours wait. 1-2 hours, 4 hours. As told and advised. Lots of catching minutes. ATMs out-of-service. ATM limited transfer rate. ATM just dont want to give me money using different account./ATM card. Cash deposit machine refused to take my cash. "Rejected notes rejected note"it kept saying. "I AM REJECTING YOU!" i shouted at it as i had at my laptop this whole week. CCTV footage would be funny.

Finally ATM card, malfunctioned.  .... "please contact customer service" it said. Jinxed. I. am.

But nevermind all that! I finally reached home before 6.30pm after depositing cash at 4.40pm into Daddylicious account because MINE was still waiting 24 hours resetting. (Rush hour, Friday, from Ampang to Shah Alam, you figure the stress level to TT by today)...aaanndd getting my Chanel soon! all worth it! all worth it!.....except for the ATM card...bah...

(note: Maybank have the lowest Forex TT rate, for huge amount of exchange, save a lot using Maybank)

So in-between today's need to complete business plan to get capital for new venture, get cash cheque (money stuck in unaccessable bank account so had to borrow from Daahdeee, cash it, take office room measurement for furniture shopping. we noticed PP had a slight fever, VERY runny nose and coughing. 

In lieu of the reemergence of H1N1 in Kuala Lumpur, I was not going to take chances and wait. Even though i knew i had to be at TWO banks before 4 and it was already 2.30, i had to take PP to see the doctor. That is my first and foremost concern. Chanel can wait, PP can't. Not now. Not ever. (..except when she becomes a teenager or nowadays...a tween.)

But thank God the doctor immediately said her fever was too low. For H1N1, the fever would be very high almost immediately. but it could be another flu virus going around that could evoke a higher than usual fever. That we were advised to monitor, if need be, call the doctors mobile immediately.

Poor PP is sleeping uncomfortably. Waking up because she couldn't breathe. And when she can, its a combination of drool and runny nose now. Sigh.

I am bushed. I am tired. but tomorrow. will begin a new reason to be tired

Reason No.4: Office furniture shopping for The Boss aka G-Pa aka PP's grandpa which I will be responsible for. With a sick baby. after Daddylicious entertain clients of a Saturday.

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