Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mummylicious birthday recap: Cards and Presents!

So what comes after dinner? The gifts! 

Cards and presents from the siblings. 

Which were no surprise since I picked them myself :P and hilarious being able to hear my sister and brother bickering while selecting my birthday card in the bookshop. I tried not to listen! I didnt hear anything.

The video game was something I've been asking for a long time for my brother to get! Oh my oh my! The Mummy gamer in me can't wait! Weird to get an xbox game Assassins Creed II as a present? Which means you dont know me. If baby PP turns into a gamer, its not the Daddy to blame, its the Mummy. 

One out of two presents from my parents.
The second...I was willing to wait for a sale which is next week!

Flowers from the in-laws. Lilies were for my mom but I claimed it :P
It smelled too nice!

A card from Daddylicious that sings...
"You're too sexy for this card, too sexy for this card..." you know the rest.
How "romantic".

And the present. Thank you dear husband.

And then the second card from baby PP!
(the first was apparently torn without recognition according to Daddylicious. Baby PP ate it)

The inside of the card from my precious baby daughter that says,

"Happy Birthday Mummy

Since I'm still seven months old and most probably I'll eat the PC instead of using it to make you a card, Daddy helped me making the first birthday card for you!

May you have a great birthday with me and daddy.
Of course many more to come! Muahx!" present from baby PP though. but its okay. I bought her a present instead.

A Mothercare soft fabric toy that Baby PP would not let go when she got hold of it. 
Even to pay I couldn't muster it out of her hands.


miralatiff said...

Banyak nyer gifts!!
I like the one from baby cute!

Mummylicious said...

tu compulsory gifts :P
except from PP. tu special. hehe

~ FaizalZahidah ~ said...

love the card! the pic of both of u sgt sweet.. and her writing.. (^_^)