Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mummylicious birthday recap: Baby first time in highchair!

Being sick does not help in blogging. Let me say that! So one must backtrack as best as one could. 

On every family member birthday, we would choose a place to eat and dine to be with the whole family (if possible). So this year, i wanted to go to the Japanese restaurant i took Daddylicious on his birthday, and since it was near Pavillion, the rest of the family was happy enough to go to Pavillion before meeting us at the restaurant. Unfortunately, we found out that the Japanese restaurant closes on Sunday! aiyaah. there goes free Japanese dinner. Since everyone was at Pavillion already, I decided Star Hill's Shook! was the place for my birthday dinner.

First time in a high chair!

So this post will be full of photos of the dinner. And also Baby PP's first time in a highchair! Gosh, so fast time flies and now she can sit straight by her own and deserving her own chair to eat at the dinner table like a grown up.

Only last year, baby PP was still in my tummy. I was 18 weeks pregnant then and yes, i wore heels :P

BEFORE - During pregnancy @ 18 weeks.

Wearing the same heels as I did at last year dinner but in my favourite jeans that i can now fit again!
 AFTER- post-pregnancy 7 months
 Mummylicious and Daddylicious
The ladies of the house. The smallest has the most power.

"I shall have....ermm..i shall have....ermm a thin hard bread thank you." 
Nom nom nom
 "Where's my order?" 
"Oh there it is. I dropped it. Its very high from where I am. Let me drop more bread and see what happens"
 "My grandpa wanted to pose with me but I am busy muching my bread"
 "Mummy just gave me a taste of Virgin Lychee Margharita! Yucks"

"I like my homemade food better! Yum yum"

So how did you like your first time on a high chair Baby PP?

"Loved it! Can't stop swinging my feet!"


::Ida:: said...

you should've bought that hi chair from ikea. bought it during my last trip there. hariz loves being in it! everytime we were having lunch ka or dinner ke he will be joining us :D

Mummylicious said...

we have bumbo for PP to sit on during feeding time. but maybe she likes high chairs better. but macam so malas to beli. :p