Thursday, April 22, 2010

Baby have a bimbo aunty.

 My sister, PP's Tiyah is one heck of a bimbo. 

Yesterday it was the Aiden's "if i were a one year old, I want him to be my boyfriend" and "he got the old macho man look" comments and excitement of PP's party pack. (see To a birthday party we went :Part 2)

Today, Tiyah was out with her friend whom I call Aunty Kaiser even though he is a guy. but he worries and lectures like an aunty, so aunty it is (when i was pregnant and even now he gets worked out with worries when it comes to PP!). So you know he would do anything for PP. Tiyah took advantage of this. Tiyah wanted to go to a shop. So she told Aunty Kaiser, "I'm going to that pharmacy that sells baby items to get PP a diaper cream". Kaiser willing to do anything for PP said "ok. we'll stop". 

Here is Tiyah's diaper cream.
Diaper cream for Tiyah's eyelashes. 

In Tiyah's defense she said that Aunty Kaiser would not stop if she told him she was buying a mascara, so instead she used PP's name to shop. She also said today "I think i like the car Vulva" in reference to the car V-o-l-v-o. And Aunty Kaiser when his phone was ringing said "hey listen! there are birds in the building!". Both of them came from the same bimbonic genes. Oh btw, they are both studying to become scientists. .... silence, i know.

And as i write this, Tiyah is rolling around in my bed, staring at Mr.Chandelier like PP does all the time telling me this

Tiyah: "No wonder PP likes to stare at this, it looks like a flower. A pretty flower. Look! doesn't it look like a pretty flower?"
Mummylicious: "ok Yah. its a pretty flower"
Tiyah: "...or the SUN!!!"
Tiyah: while still staring at the chandelier "when i was a kid, i used to lie in the sun and put ice cubes on my belly button to cool myself down. Apparently it didn't."
Mummylicious: " and why did you put ice cubes on your belly button?"
Tiyah: "I was testing Ashley and Mary Kate's 'how to cool yourself' theory. It didn't work."
Tiyah: "When i was little, i also cut my eyelashes. cause i heard it supposed to make your eyelashes grows longer. It didn't. It grew. but not longer
Mummylicious: "Aha..mmm" while busy typing this out.
Tiyah: finally rolled over to me "why am i telling you all this?! i know you're writing a post about me! it will all be in here. how embarassing! your friends will think im weird!"
Mummylicious: "my friends already think you're weird. Stranger will now think that though"
Tiyah: "yeaah...hmm..." and started telling me the Vulva story again

I think with my going-to-be 21 years old sister around, i am definitely getting the experience of having a conversation with the future 5 years old PP.

And before i post this....she's in my room again! telling me this. like how i am describing it.

Tiyah: running into my room "oh oh oh when we were on the way to Damansara just now! we saw a burning car!!!" ....brief pause 
Mummylicious: "...and??"
Tiyah: "...and we said 'what are we gonna do? lets put the lights on like this *while making twinkle-twinkle-little-star-hand gestures* tick-tock tick-tock and we just vrrroooommm past it! but what if it goes KA-BOOM!??? *arms thrown wide* yada yada yada"..ive blanked out after that. As she walked out of my room.
Tiyah: "ok. i just wanted to talk about the burning car".

And then she came in again! just when i thought i had relief. and about to press "Publish post"

Tiyah: "oh oh then (Aunty) Kaiser called me and asked 'did you see the burning car!?' 'of course Kaiser, we are on the same road! going to the same place' and he said 'it was so cooollll'" and then she went out again....

Dear sister, you can't blame your medications nor your brain operation for your comments. There was a screw loose way before all those took place and now it has made it worse. Love ya still


Athirah said...

the "cut eyelashes to make longer" thing was not done when i was little by the was when i was form 4.....or 5. =) and sister, im turning 20 not 21. but love u too!hehehehehe

Liz said...

OMG!! Hahaha no comments about the PRamlee stuff (cos I still can't find the resemblance) but the rest is sooo sakit perut funny. Habisla PP kena influence dgn your sister nanti...

marikosan said...

hahahah D, i love your sister too. teehee

Mummylicious said...

Tiyah: being a year younger doesn't mean its gonna help in your bimboness.

Liz: ....the thought have crossed my mind many many times. *shudder :P

Marikosan: do you want to borrow her? FOC!