Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spa and manicure for baby and kids?!!

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I'm all for Mummy-time spa treatments, pedicure and manicure. God knows I had plenty before and after PP arrived. And I will definitely continue to schedule them in no matter what. But spas, mani and pedi for babies? for children? for PP before she turns 18? I really really doubt it. 

So I was flabbergasted when I read and watched Tyra Bank's show through on this issue! (to watch it click here).

That woman who spent thousands of US dollars for her little kids have a screw loose somewhere, and it's pretty obvious from the amount of plastic surgeries she put herself into, she have self-image issues. 

But to avoid Mummylicious from eating her own words in the future.
Spa treatments for PP is definitely out before she is 16. Manicure and pedicure are possibly once in a year treat, just so she can follow Mummylicious on future Mummy-time when she is big enough.Other than the special treats? Special occasions like..PP's high school prom! ....and PP will definitely be allowed to play with dirt and worms. Just don't play "masak-masak" (cooking) with worms like Mummylicious did though....

And I thank God that in Malaysia, basic manicure and pedicure does not cost a bomb.

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