Friday, April 16, 2010

I need a Date Night

Super. When I have time to sleep, i can't sleep. The stress of guilt of the "cry-it-out" method must be eating me. Looking at the Nuffnang ad that reappears and dissapears and reappears, there's an ad for "Date Night" staring Steve Carell and Tina Fey. That's what i need right now, a date night with Daddylicious. 

A date night with "Date Night". Yup. Positive. 
or maybe just any other movie! Just bring me out!

Daddylicious, when you get home from your golf tournament in Langkawi, you owe me several date nights including for "Date Night" and a spa treatment, my choice. Told you going to Langkawi without me is totally fine, go ahead, enjoy your 5 days in heaven...but the payback? is .huge. 

Happy mummy=happy baby remember? Daddylicious in Langkawi without Mummylicious=Not happy mummy=Not happy baby.

Why do i have to do this? because i'm telling and reminding him. Because without reminding him what i want to watch, i'll never get to watch it, except on DVD which defeat the purpose of date night! 

When you're dating, date nights are so exciting, you want to do it every night but when you're married, date nights become a once a month event! When you have a baby, it becomes almost a rarity, an endangered species!..if i don't remind Daddylicious, it will become extinct. and we don't want that.

Sigh, the laments of a left-at-home-wife-with-crying-baby

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