Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blogging tips: Watermark on blogger images

Mummylicious have issues with posting photos online without watermark. I've ignored it for most part on Facebook. But on blogger, I've decided to find a way to put watermark on my photos other than Photoshop.

Not like I don't know how, but I needed an easy way. See my deviantarts photos ALWAYS have my scriptina font watermark (i love handwriting fonts!). But my account been neglected because i dont have Photoshop. Photoshop is only available on Daddylicious laptop. And other than shared folder and annoying Daddylicious to leave his laptop when he goes to work and annoy him while he is constantly using the laptop when he is at home, is not an easy way after all. For some reason, can't install Photoshop on my laptop. No fun. Had to find anyway photo editor to watermark my images. and iPhoto doesn't have watermark option!

Easy way? through CSS codings? Failed. Spent hours researching to find nothing works.

Stumbled upon this as i was looking for free photo editors. It is Photoshop. In a much simpler context. web-based ie no installations needed and its free!!! Can transfer photos from Photobucket, Flickr and Facebook. Oh look! deco buttons like dialogue thingamajig! FUN!

Cons: Nine text fonts. That is it. Can't do layering thus, watermark.png file for logo? pretty much useless. There's a share URL link that you can copy+paste for blog but it is refusing to load on blogger even though my file is public. If your internet is slow, your editing will be slow.

See my balloon dialog on my image that took hours to save cause network issues?


See. same font downloaded from Kevin and Amanda.com as my typography. Can't do that on Express.
And added my watermark.png file (that was done using Photoshop CS3)

Also called the free photoshop. Kinda hard to use if you are very fimiliar with Photoshop. Especially for Mac users as it uses Window command buttons ie "Shift+T". Oh my...but it is as they say it is.  similar to Photoshop. Buttons have to be pressed several times. And its not pretty. I say it is useful for me to put in watermark without annoying Daddylicious. :)

So the results?
From Photoshop Express limited 8 fonts.

From using GIMP with personal fonts and png file. 

Haven't decided 100% which to use yet. What say you?

So which shall i use other than the most obvious answer of BOTH! For watermarks...i think i'll use GIMP. Just because i can use my own image and/or font. Photoshop express for hmm no reasons other than it looks prettier. or maybe when i figure out how to use as i want it. Help help!

Useful links
Photoshop Express
GIMP-The GNU Image Manipulation Program


::Ida:: said...

u should use this program for ur photoediting. i used to use photoshop too but photoscape is easier n less hassle ;)


Mummylicious said...

photoscape looks good but its not Mac OX compatible :(

::Ida:: said...

owh ya... right... bummer