Saturday, April 17, 2010

Getting needed "Mummy-time"

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It was a 3 generations outing today, G-Na, Mummylicious and PP.

(from this day henceforth, i shall call my mother and PP's GrandNana, G-Na)

Being a yummy mummy is not an easy task.
First you have to find the effort, then time, then the babysitter. and also the extra cash lying around after buying useless items PP doesn't need nor want.

I wore my new wedged 3 inches heels just to complete the "Mummy-time" feel. It really helped in adding the yumminess quota.

6 Months of no manicures and pedicures were killing me.
6 Months of not getting hair treatment and 4 Months of not getting a haircut was too.
My re-growth hair from the post-pregnancy fallout were embarrassing. It's porcupine-y. I.Have.To.Do.Something. 

 Embarrassing porcupine-y post-pregnancy hair re-growth 
(Hard to capture all those baby hair but trust me, it's obvious and there's a lot of it.)

Unruly, Unloved, Really long hair

The babysitter:

Finally managed to reserve G-Na babysitting service except she wants to follow as she had errands to run too. Fine by me!

The effort and time:

Be prepared with baby items:

1. Gotta pump milk just in case. I gave PP just before we started off. But you never know. She might need it. Managed to get 4 ounces in less than 10 minutes from both breasts. Better than the usual 2 ounces when I'm in a rush to get somewhere.
Milk! Pumped and ready!
(also a gift from A.Alia in the background for PP's 6 Months thanksgiving do. TQ babe!)

2. Prepare her lunch and dinner. Baby foooood. Two Rusks and homemade apple and pear puree. Just in case we stay longer and she gets hungry.

3. Prepare plain water in bottle. Just in case she gets thirsty and doesn't want milk.

4. Prepare hot water to mix with Rusks for lunch and dinner and to warm milk. Just in case G-Na can't find restaurant that doesn't have hot water. (trust me. it happened)

The food and preparation (minus hot water flask).

(And luckily i did all that even though i was around PP, it all helped and everything was gone by the time she gets home. She didn't fuss too much and G-Na and I had a good outing. )

30 Minutes before reaching my beloved A Cut Above Bangsar Village, i made the call to reserve my stylist and manicurist. To do it any sooner would be ridiculous as you never know PP's mood for the day. Going out early really depends on what time she finish feeding and bath and sleepiness. If she ain't sleepy, tough luck getting her to sit in the car-seat without her cries.

I thought of just getting a cut. but a treatment would be short so lets just throw that in! God knows when's the next time i can get it! Oh? Feet spa for RM125 including pedicure? Let's throw that in too! My feet were itching to be loved.

I was in HEAVEN! PP and G-Na went off to spend quality G-Na and PP time. Only to come back when i was finishing my pedi and to start my mani when G-Na proclaimed "I don't know how to open her stroller seat-belt"

Detailed instructions later, sat PP and G-Na opposite me near the mani-pedi ONLY section. My first thought was "Oh no, there goes "Mummy-time". But then i thought, it wasn't so bad. I was too in love being pampered I didn't mind PP was near me even though it was supposed to be "Mummy-time" and it helped she didn't cry and too engrossed with people fussing over her and curious about new surroundings.

Since I was luckily seated  to get my hair cut in front of the mani and pedi only section,

1. I get to watch PP and PP get to watch Mummylicious being yummy. "Dear PP, you gotta wait until you're 18 for this" but she was learning to be a girl. Life lesson no.1 :)

2. G-Na and PP get to seat on plush long seat with pillows.

3. A Cut Above people who recognized me when i came for frequent pregnancy pampering finally get the meet the little peanut.

4. If she cries, she can quickly escape without any other patrons noticing her. :)
Quick escape routes. very important to know when you have a young baby.

All too sudden its 5.30PM and its pay time.

I've mentioned before and I'll mention it again. I have post-pregnancy memory loss. (Friends, i know previously i had pre-pregnancy and pregnancy memory loss but let's ignore that fact for now okay? It only gotten worse). I forgot my wallet. Thank God for G-Na! who came to the rescue! Ahhh..mothers. :D

But hey! I'm not done! Quick feeding later PP was sleepy as we sat to have coffee. Time for quick eyebrow threading and waxing to be done! So off I went opposite Bangsar Village to continue my quest to be a yummy mummy!

Oh boy, i am definitely a happy mummy now!!

Note: Called Daddylicious to tell him the facts above

Daddylicious: "But i thought i gave you RM150 to cut your hair and mani and pedi before, while i was in the car taking care of PP and you left" Yadayadayada
Mummylicious: "But there was no time, no manicurist available that time, PP was crying, and i only did my pre-paid waxing instead"
Daddylicious: "so you pocket the RM150 lah?"
Mummylicious: "of course!"

See, time is precious when there's a baby around waiting for you if you're not 100% prepared.

The results:

When i say i am a yummy mummy and all yumminess related, it's only for my own ego boost. Its not for you to agree with whether i am or not a yummy mummy (it help though!).

One thing i realise being a mother, you can easily blame the baby in forgetting to take care of yourself physically and emotionally. EASY.

Blame the baby for not having the time to make yourself feel good. No time to change into something nicer to go out. No time for make-up. No time to do your hair. No time to colour your nails.

You be a total slummy mummy.  The slummy factor doubles and triples and soon, if no efforts are made to feel yummy, you just...give up. What's the use of trying anymore? Lots, and it starts with you feeling like YOU. Not a mother. Not a wife. Not some employee working 9-5 with no appreciation. You get your own sense of self back, even if its only for an hour. It's worth it. because you are worth it.

So make time for yourself, give some efforts, even if it means just putting a little blush before you go out or doing your hair at home for no reasons. Make yourself feel good, you will be happier and so will the baby.

of course if you really are the low-maintainace kinda gal. an hour of "Mummy-time" doing absolutely nothing or just having a bath is sufficient. No judgement in that. That works too. Have your "Mummy-time". Make your "Mummy-time" and you be a happy mummy. Insyallah and God willing. :)

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