Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mummylicious Baby Room Review: Isetan KLCC

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Things you realise when you go out shopping only when you become a parent

1. How popular one shopping mall compared to others based on the amount of children and babies in strollers. This disparity in parents and child exist even in a shopping mall with different wings. 

2. The popularity are based on the amount of children and babies related shops and family friendly restaurants.

3. Also based on the convenience (and/or) availability of baby changing/nursing rooms.

You will, make you subconscious decision on to where to go for your outings based on those! 

Hence, a new series of....jengjengjeng Mummylicious Baby Room Reviews! (and my single friends are shaking their heads at me...Mummylicious is definitely a mummy).

First of the series,

Isetan's Baby Room KLCC(just because it's the only baby room i have pictures of)

Location: Called "Nursery Room". The sign is in white with pale background so you can overlook it. It is located at the very end of Isetan's baby area (2nd floor). Go up the escalator and it is directly in front of it surrounded by infants items. You will see a very tall giraffe.

 The tall giraffe at the entrance

First impression:
Before you enter...there's the giraffe! to measure your baby/children height. How cute.
Very posh looking baby room! It is quite spacious. Plenty of room for 6-7 parents with strollers.
There were two 3-4 seater couches for people to sit on while the mother nurse or ...just to sit on. A full length mirror right before you exit near one of the long couch.
The lighting is very soft, makes you feel very comfortable, with its neutral coloured walls. no cartoons and other baby deco. It looks like a 5-stars hotel room minus curtains and beds and other hotelish deco. 

Feeding and changing area. Spacious no?
PP having her teatime apple and pear puree

Changing tables: 
4 very posh looking changing tables set in a row by a wall, divided in the middle with a sink and dustbin underneath

Nursing rooms/ Breast feeding room. Sliding doors.

Nursing rooms: 
3 rooms with lockable doors. Big enough for an umbrella stroller to be wheeled in. They have a small table, a comfy single seater and...a full length mirror in each! How thoughtful is that? especially for moms with hijabs and the forgetful moms (like me!) to check for any...erm extra show of skin...before leaving the room into the unisex Nursery room.

PP still having her teatime apple and pear puree. 
See long couch and two of nursing rooms in the background.

Food preparation area: 
They have a microwave to heat up food, a sink to wash hands and etc and a hot/cold water dispenser with papercups by the side. The dustbin is quite hidden though, its under the water dispenser.
They also have a round table and 4 stools to sit on while you feed your baby or let your child eat there.

Usability: 5/5
Space: 4.8/5. Two of the nursing rooms although could fit a stroller, it's still small. The rest of the area very nearly make up for it though.
Comfort: 5/5. Not too cold. Not too warm.
Cleanliness: 5/5. No one came in while we were there but its definitely neat and clean

Overall, I like! Definitely will go there again just to use the eating area....and i really don't know why i am i doing this thing but hey! i am a mummy! that should explain it all.


Athirah Rosli said...

oooooo water dispenser. yay!with cups too!

Bidadari said...

I love isetan's baby rooms too! i have yet to really checkout klcc's new baby/children's room at the lower level, dekat dgn the washroom opposite toys r us.. :-)

alia said...

and the nursery is big enough for mommy & PP to receive a visitor for hangout. LOL!! i sooo need to take u out of babyland. ;)

Mummylicious said...

Tiyah: you just happy you dont have to use PP's food container to have your free cold drink!

kak anne: uuhhh definitely have to check that one out! *facepalm. excited over baby room.gila dah

alia: based on my reply above to kak anne. yes please. take me out. please