Thursday, April 15, 2010

Sesame Street is coming to town!

 Image from NST  

Sesame Street is coming to town!

I am uber excited! I thought it was going to be one of those *on ice shows but NO! it's going to be a Broadway production of Sesame Street featuring a story of Elmo all grown up! Extra excitement! Even so much better don't you think?

 The show will be in September 3-5. So that's 3 nights only show and ticket price is from RM70 to RM250. They haven't open the ticketbox yet but guess who already waiting with money in hand? ME!
(like that was a difficult question :P)

So in September, PP will be approximately 11 months old. 11 months old! Wow, time flies. (I know, she's not there yet but I'm a drama queen so bear with me). As Daddylicious is away right now, i gave him a call to let him know. 

Mummylicious: "Sesame Street is coming town! Let's go! Let's go!"
Daddylicious: "When will it be?"
Mummylicious: "September"
Daddylicious: "As if PP will understand what's going on"
Mummylicious: "She'll be 11 months old then! She'll understand"
Daddylicious: "This is not for the baby. This is more for the Mummy!"
Mummylicious: "(denial) of course it's for PP"
He laughed.

He knows me too well. As if i care if i had a baby or not, i am still going. its just an added bonus for PP to join me this time! Yippee! So who will be joining me (and PP)?! Who is as excited as me?!

PP contemplating. "To go or not to go?"

Can't wait. can't wait. I'm a kid again!

and from the organisers and later for tickets! here

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