Friday, April 16, 2010

"Cry-it-out" sleeping method Night 3: Stop and go

So we have reached night number 3 in trying out the "cry-it-out" sleeping method.

Let's recap what happened after she fell asleep on Night 2 first. She slept at around 11.30PM (or was it 12.30am? Mummylicious memory loss is at it again). PP did woke up around 3AM,5AM and 6AM. But they were whimpers and short crying session. Like a minute or two with her eyes still shut. So i left her be telling myself "if she cries longer than that, i will pick her up for feeding". But she didn't and it was a HUGE relief to Mummylicious. She cried again at 8.30AM, but i'm not too cruel of a mummylicious to not feed her this time. 8 hours is long enough.

Tonight, it was the same going to bed routine except at 9PM she slept while feeding. I knew, she will wake up later and it will be hard to get her to bed by 11PM. True enough, she woke up screaming at 10PM when she realised i was no longer beside her. Knowing its too early to force her to bed comparing her previous sleeping hours, picked her up and feed her a bit on the rocking chair. Her drowsiness soon dissapeared as she gets curious with the her uncles and aunties keyboard typing and my mother's singing karaoke. "Ok, THIS will not happen soon.

Joined my mom in the karaoke room (Yes, with PP in tow), sang a couple of songs and finally I think she's ready to go to be properly again. Read her bedtime stories, rocked her several minutes, change her diaper and then feed her for the last time tonight. I thought she was going to fall asleep while feeding tonight, that's fine actually but PP woke up and started to NOT sleep. Meaning she wanted to play even though she was crying out of sleepiness. 

11.25PM: Put her in her cot. Her cries were loud but not so bad compared to the nights before!

11.30PM: Checked on her, put on her kicked off socks again for her. Her cries increased in volume.

11.33PM: After slowly winding down. She slept! OOhhh 8 Minutes of touture tonight? Not so bad. A sock is gone from her foot. Nevermind.

 Hugging CowGiraffe and merely kicking the cot's rail. Can you spot the missing sock?

11.48PM: Mummylicious went to the bathroom. Door open. Flushed. The siren started. OH WHY DID I HAVE TO PEE!!!

2 mins. Stop. 1 min. Start. 1 min. Stop. 1 min. Start. 30 secs. Stop. 30 secs. Start. You get the idea, it was the Stop and Go siren. Started with a wail, ended with a whimper.

11.58PM:She stopped. I stared at my sister who was checking in. Really stopped. Thank God! i was at the moment felt pity for her. If it were to go on longer, i would have picked her up! GAH! No tears for Mummylicious tonight, just guilt eating inside.

The position I am now fimiliar with. The break Mummy's heart position.
Both socks gone during the second wind. As is CowGiraffe

I am tired from the extra playtime i had with her today to override last night's guilt. So goodnight and good luck to me for tomorrow.

Ps: Don't worry. I've moved her away from the bumper, put on both her socks back on and tucked in her blanket.


marikosan said...

well done dayang. hope all goes well with PP after this. i was thinking to give a try to my-coming-soon baby too but lemme see whether i tahan with the crying or not :P

Mummylicious said...

thank you. but before you start, make sure you try everything else. some babies can sleep without all this. obviously mine can't except before 6 months. and yes, beware! you can end up crying too. thats the hardest part. you or the daddy lah. haha.