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Baby first photo and the origin of PP (the conception!)

Doesn't IT look like a peanut?
First ultrasound scan @7 weeks.

The origin of Princess Peanut aka PP

Doesn't it look like a peanut? It does doesn't it?

On 10 March 2009, we took our first ultrasound scan of "Baby It". As cliche as it sounds, it was magical. Even though she looked like a weird blob. A blob that looked like a peanut. I wrote a note to "Baby It" sometime before the ultrasound.
Dear Baby It,
Mummy is sorry we (mummylicious and daddylicious) are calling you It. You are only 5 weeks and maybe 4 days old. a size of a pea they say. You are not even a feotus yet! a mere blob parasite alien species embryo in mummy's uterus.That is why you are called It.
Since you are so young and the doctor said that 20% of pregnancy at this period ends in miscarriage, i am truly scared. I am happy that a blobby version of you is there in the first place! but because of the possible pain from losing you, even a pea-sized you, brings fear in my heart. So the joy of celebrating your non-human arrival is muted.
You gotta know, your mummy is kind of a drama queen. so having this fear and unable to express it fully to everyone she's close to is killing her! killing me. and your daddy! your (hopefully) less than 50% of DNA! kept telling me not to think about it. So i need a soundboard. A place. no one but maybe others who share my predicament can know. for now.
and your daddy! kept telling HIS friends about you! I mean hello! i'm the one with the bloating, the cramping, the migraines, the moodiness and hormones banging around! i deserve to tell my friends first! ....when i'm ready. well i tell the rest of my friends when i'm ready. ...
I hope you are save, Baby It.
Yes, i was calling her my "little lovely alien parasite (LLAP)" "IT" "Pea blob" and then decided on "Baby It" after even a simple "It" and "LLAP" was deemed too cruel by the rest of the family even though i think its adorable.

But after looking at the blob of a peanut. I decided to call her "Peanut". So through out the pregnancy and even now, we call her "Peanut". Or PP. Thats for Prince or Princess Peanut as no one can tell if DNA decides its a Prince or a Princess just yet thus, PP it is :)

Searching for the right doctor

Before the ultrasound was done. I was busy scouring the Selangor and WP state for the best O&G doc there is. My requirements were,
The doctor must be a SHE. I don't care if some people claim that male O&G are suprisingly more gentle than females, I will be more comfortable with a she poking around my private area.

She will understand my dramatic behaviour and answer all my nonsense questions that threads my heart every minute of the pregnancy.

I must like her. (i am very very particular about my doctors!) If i find one i like opposite of town. I will go to her.
When I went to my GP doc for confirmation pregnancy test. She advised me to wait until after the baby is 5-7 weeks before doing an ultrasound test. (or else, you shall have to do a very uncomfortable test...let me tell you this. The method involves going IN). So based on her calculations, that should be at least a couple of weeks.

The wait for couple of weeks were filled with me looking through every parenting forums for best advices for hospitals and doctors. I do have contacts with other O&G doctors as my previous job were for a medical organisation with a whole list of doctors from every field as volunteers and also a VERY popular and charismatic Dr.Jim O&G doc as its leader and my boss who was also my mother's doctor. But they were all based in Ampang and HUKM. Therefore, not ideal before checking out nearer hospitals. Lastly, my mother told me to head to Sime Darby Medical Center (SDMC) and see Datuk Dr. Siti. a very famous O&G who also took care of my mother and delivered my sister.

SDMC, near enough i thought. First place to look at i believe. So off we skipped and hopped to the hospital soon after. but just as we wanted to make an appointment with Dr Siti, the receptionist advised us, as she is VERY popular, SDMC's first-come-first-serve waiting policy they adhere to could mean a loooooong wait for me whenever we go to see Dr Siti. I changed my mind there and then and asked for other FEMALE doctors serving there. There were only 2 others. Dr Delaila and Dr Tang Boon Nee. I chose Dr Tang for no reasons than she is the only one available for the date we wanted.

The moment she greeted me (or more likely my husband) I'm glad i chose her.
Dr Tang: "DAAYANNNGG" in a beautiful sing-song voice as if i'm her long lost friend instead of a new patient! i love it. and i was behind the curtains. So she was looking at my husband instead of me using my name.
Hubbylicious: "Im not dayang, im the hubby!" using the same sing-song voice as she.
She laughed and said "of course you are".
She then she was next to me greeting me with a smile. A doctor with a smile! first time patient and i got a joke, a laugh and a smile all in a few seconds of meeting! imagine that! She's young but not too young. She have this spirit around her that assured me i was in good hands and she will take good care of me. I think i feel in love with my doctor. First choice of doctor, i don't think i need to look for any other. I was super confident with her. She answered all my questions patiently and with a smile.

I think finding the right doctor for you is as important as eating the right food while pregnant. you dont want to be lectured or feel any way uncomfortable with your doctor. He or she will be taking care of you and your baby for 9 months. He or she will be the answers to your concerns and fears, and not to compound and expand them. Have a doctor that make you feel happy, tells you the do's and don'ts without making you feel like an infant yourself.

I was as paranoid as a new mother-to-be can be. She told me not to worry. So long there's nothing to worry about, she won't let me worry and all i have to do is take care of myself and enjoy the pregnancy! I like that.

I also like the fact she assured me that there is nothing wrong with drinking coffee and tea everyday. Just don't drink only coffee and tea and for 24 hours! Ahh...i can have my daily 1 cup of Starbuck's vanilla latte after all with no worries. love her. Hearts all around!

As with all new appointments, calculations of estimated date of birth were made: 24 October 2009. And also estimated conception date *winkwink*. Don't be shy about it, there's only one way to get pregnant, that is to know and do the birds and the bee talk. Calculating the date lead us to Chinese New Year hols 2009. Ahhh....our trip to Cherating in Jan 2009.

The conception story

Don't be silly! of course there won't be vulgar stuff here.

As i said, it is highly possible we were in Cherating when the "magic" happened (i know cringe. "magic"). It is also interesting to note that, i had my first traditional "urut batin" then.

"Urut batin"
is normally a traditional massage for men and women to stimulate your internal reproductive organs, not sexual organs per se. Its not supposed to be pleasureable. unfortunately whenever it is uttered nowadays, it has taken a totally scandalous meaning-*"special massage anyone? off the menu? men only?" you get the drift.

There was only 1 massage place at Cherating Beach during that time and it was by this old lady who was 58 but looked 40!. She does traditional malay massage. No hanky panky. But when she found out i'm married, no babies, not pregnant but open to pregnancy, she massaged my nerves near the groin on the inside thighs. It hurts like mad!!! but after a few seconds, it was...ok. although slightly weird. During which, she also read some doa-doa (prayers) that were supposed to "help" me get pregnant. Sceptical much? OF COURSE I WAS! ...

Hubbylicious also got a traditional malay massage by her which he later told me she hit the same nerves. But erm less direct or near the groin. (i hope?) Again i repeat no hanky panky. Well her husband was around making me coffee and reading my energy level (yeah. not kidding but im less sceptical about this than my special nerve massage).

We were sceptical over the would-be effectiveness of her prayers and massage so dang near our privates. But thinking back....hello?me? got pregnant? around that time? me? the non predictable period girl with unideal weight and behaviour for possible pregnancy? Maybe it was coincedence. Maybe it was fate. But maybe she, the traditional masseuse helped in her prayers. Whatever it is, if you are trying for a baby, it doesnt hurt to go to her if you are around Cherating Beach.

Me, oblivious to what was going to change

Our last irresponsible trip together

Also, I must have been evoking strong maternal instincts and kicking in the hormones as i take photos after photos of children on the beach that weekend. My mind must be telling me something that weekend. Must be something in the line of
And i just went *snap**snap* happily. See some pictures below.

Please note they are low quality photos as it's in a popular public photosharing site.
I have issues with people taking other people's work as their own.

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