Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To a birthday party we went! part 1

PP's party uniform. Totally not for Man Utd stronghold party :P

Being a single mother is tough. Not that i am one but when Daddylicious were away last weekend, Mummylicious had to go to a birthday party by herself. So that was my minimal experience as a single mother and my respect to those real single mothers out there is huge-r.

Since Aiden's mummy finally put up her little prince post and Aunty Alia have posted up her photos in Facebook, it's green light for me to put up my post! except it is PP-centric and not Aiden-centric :)

The theme: football. More specifically "What a kick!" and I was entering a Manchester Utd stronghold. 

The preparation: Guests, more so to the "gang", are required to wear football jersey. 

Guess where we went to buy that little cute Liverpool jersey? Uptown Danau Kota! yup! RM10 for that cute jersey with shorts. No way we were going to spend a bomb for a jersey when we are not even ardent football fans.

Daddylicious and Mummylicious requirement? NO Man Utd. NO Chelsea. NO Arsenal. Since Mummylicious was planning to wear her England jersey, we were looking for that but no luck. But we found this! and I am a Liverpool supporter  so it was allll goooddd. (i was, i am, havent paid attention to EPL for so long so im not so sure).

PP's quick photo on Blackberry to send to Daddylicious through BBM

The journey: Aiden's Mummy said 3pm sharp. 2.30pm i was ready with PP to go out only to find out.....G-Na took the car to the bank. The car with the baby seat. 4 cars at the house and she took mine. The other 3? All 2 doors and two of them are 2 seater cars. Right. So a quick text telling my friends I'll be late and I waited. When G-Na came back a short time later, she had went to fill the petrol to full tank cause she was afraid her PP would cry when I go to fill in the petrol alone with PP in the car later (even though it was previous at quarter tank, meaning...i wouldn't have to stop for petrol anyway). Since it was sweet of her to consider that...I left with no drama. 

Only to find horrendous traffic North-bound NKVE. Not.moving.traffic.Seriously??! PP, does not like to be in car seat alone at the back when the car is stationary. I.was.nervous. "Please dont cry....pleaaaaseee don't cry" was all i could wish for. And she didn't! she kept on sleeping. bless my little joy. The source of the traffic on that Saturday evening? An accident that stopped traffic both ways. HUarrrggGGhH. 

 NKVE north bound traffic inching along on Saturday evening.
Stop. move an inch. Stop. Take photo. Move an inch. Stop...sigh. 
Can see Subang exit signboard here. Long way to go.

NKVE south bound traffic was stopped by police to clear the accident area.
See a horizontal line of cars waiting to move.

Now, i only have to worry getting lost...and forgetting the word "CLUBHOUSE" when i had to inform the security guard manning Tropicana's entrance. 

Guard: "Nak pegi mana cik?" (where are you heading miss?) he called me miss! huahahahaha. ego boost.
Mummylicious: "errrmm..nak gi....nak gi....*while waving my hands into a shape of a square..building..whatever....frantically*not kidding*...birthday party!" (going to...going to...)
Guard: with an amused expression suggested "Clubhouse?" 
Mummylicious: "Haaaa..CLUBHOUSE!" Oh my freaking Mummylicious-memory-loss brain! How embarassing! The guard of course laughed at me and smiled at gave me the visitor's pass. How in the world did i forget the word clubhouse??!!!

Finally there. in short form. I parked. Its hot. The parking and the location is only up a hill. No pathway if i go the looong way and on the road. Only stairs. Stairs vs steep hill with stroller. Gathered strength and PPUSSSSHHHHH!....stucked halfway. Dang that hill was steep. Ok. Reverse stroller. Went a bit further down where its less steep and there. Got to the entrance of location. To find out MORE STAIRS!. ONLY STAIRS! and they are higggghhh...OMG! Had to call for back up..Mummble..Tropicana clubhouse is not baby friendly at all...Security lady helped me carry the stroller up the high stairs. Back up arrived to help only to find me sweating on top of

.and on Part 2 (click here). I shall put on photos i curi-curi (stole) from Aunty Alia. :)

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alia said...

sorry backup lambat on the staircase bit. but it was a funny sight watching 2 ladies huffing and puffing with the stroller while Danya sat inside looking wide-eyed as usual. :D