Saturday, April 17, 2010

"Cry-it-out" sleeping method Night 4: Getting easier

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I had a momentarily lapse of memory. I thought tonight was Night 3. This is among the reason why I blog, to remember things as my brain cells accelerated deterioration since pregnancy. Sigh. And only after 1 baby!

Short summary of Night 3 results:

11.58PM: Finally PP went to sleep after that flushing incident.
Random whimpers and 2 seconds cries at separate times and a sudden laugh. (the laugh doesn't really count but it's sudden and cute so I just don't care, I'm mentioning it anyway)

7.40AM: She cried. Forcefully. Mummylicious wanted to wait it out for 5 minutes but slow and groggy calculations decided PP have slept for nearly 8 hours, picked her up after 2 minutes since the cries doesn't seem to dissipate any time soon. 

Overall, no disturbance during the night. YIPPEE! finally, after weeks of waking up to horrendous cries in the middle of the night. 

So we reached Night 4 of "cry-it-out" sleeping method.

Although the title implies it was easy, it wasn't. Nothing is easy when it comes to getting a baby to sleep. but i changed my tactics sliiiiiightly. 

Last few nights i have been avoiding letting her have her last feeding on the bed but chosen to do so on the rocking chair out of the room, except Night 3 when it was too distracting for PP to be out there. 

9PM: Arrive home after a day out with PP. She slept in the car and continued her sleep once at home. (this can only happen at nap time! why not actual bed time?!)

9.40PM: PP woke up. Demanding feeding. I did not relent but gave her a quick wash-up.(since it was out of the question when we reached home)

10PM: Tried giving PP a bedtime story but she said "Sorry Mummylicious, I don't want story. I want milk. NOW"
So milk it was. 

10.30PM: Drowsy baby. Hands started to limp. 

 Before it limps. She does this. Always.

10.31PM: False alarm. Awake again. 

I just let her have her milk. Let her and let her and let her. Right breast. Left breast. Wake up. lookaround. Right breast again. PP had a little conversation with Mummylicious. Left breast again.

"Mummy? You there? Let me touch your face to make sure it's you. Here, suck my fingers since I am busy sucking your tits"
Breasfeeding antics of PP. Does your baby does this???

11.30PM: Finally! She stopped! She's not looking for milk anymore! She's asleep! I got up from the rocking chair, she woke up. Deciding then, 1 hour and 30 mins should have satisfied her hunger therefore, bedtime. Awake or not.

 Finally! Sleeping! Not looking for milk!milk!milk!

11.31PM: Put her to bed. Started ferociously crying. 

11.31PM and 15 Secs: Stopped ferocious cries

11.31PM and 30 Secs: Started half-hearted crying.

11.32PM: Stopped half-hearted crying

Another session of stop and go of only half-hearted crying/whimpering for 2 secs with 10 secs intervals

 Crying/Whimpering with eyes shut

1 sec later. Asleep

11.33PM: Asleep! Asleep! ...note to self: "Now Mummylicious, don't go to the toilet and flush"

So the lesson of today boys and girls. Let your baby get serious drunk with milk that they fall into a drunken stupor. 

Okay, honestly though, not really. Before, she had been drunk with milk but still refuses to sleep so maybe this method is working? Whatever it is, it's easier tonight. WAAAYY easier (if you voluntary forget the 1 hour and 30 mins of holding PP in your arms for feeding that it). 

The situation is getting better and better so I'm gonna stop the nightly reviews and do it in overall summary later on. :) Okay?

And now, to another new post totally not PP sleeping related!


::Ida:: said...

hi mummylicious.
me again :)
ive been reading all 4 entries on this cry-it-out method over n over.
ive been tinking a lot on doing this.
my boy is 6m 2 weeks old. i think he;s old enough for this right>?
he sleeps at 10pm and wakes up for every 2 hours n ending up me picking him up.
the reason? takot dia lapar..huhuhu
so maybe we gonna try do this tonight.
ive been having sleepless night ever since he was born. i thought to myself, he will sleeps thru the night eventually but he's already 6m n half! so this has to stop. so please.. don't stop writing about the method. i'd love to read n know the result.

Mummylicious said...

ida, i understand the "takot lapar" part. but from what i read, at 6 months plus, baby should not be hungry after every 2 hours with adequate feeding right before bedtime. they should be able to sleep the night if nothing is wrong. if you think he's ready and YOU'RE ready, good luck! if you also cry, hug the hubby. its tough. but mummy needs her rest kan?

i wont stop writing about it, i'll keep updates up in intervals. or not it will be a blog about this method jer. booringg. let me know how it goes though. you can do it!

::Ida:: said...

hi mummylicous!
i think what went wrong sebelum ni was everytime my baby merengek sket (not cry!) i terus pick him up n bf. we never really give him a chance to really cry.
so we did it last night. fed him and he slept at about 11pm. and woke up at 5am! i dont know if he did wake up in the middle of the night. maybe i had that memory loss too :P maybe he did wake up n i juz let him cry n soothe himself to sleep. but then he woke up at 5am, i thought to myself, i think he has sleep long enough. i should feed him now. so i feed him and continue to sleep until 8am!! it was easier than i thought! so we're gonna do this again 2night. we'll see how it goes :)