Wednesday, April 21, 2010

To a birthday party we went! part 2

As a continuation of previous post (part 1 here)...PP finally arrived at Aiden's first birthday party! 

It was very red since we were at a Manchester United stronghold. For a Liverpool fan, we were in the enemy's den but we survived! 

Mummylicious decided that since she was being a single mother for that day and all, she is not gonna bring her hunky camera around...but knew that PP's beloved Aunty Alia will surely be bringing hers, and I was right. She did and therefore, all photos taken at the party were by her (and the clown at the party using her camera...i know. the clown is also a photographer part time)

PP was not lacked in attention. Even when she was grumpy. Non-responsive because she just arrived and suddenly, too many new people and activities around her.

Clockwise from top left: 
PP and Aunty Ira did "whose eyes are bigger?" contest, PP won by natural beauty. 
PP and Aunty Fiza, another secret Liverpool fan who wore England jersey like Mummylicious to avoid the wrath of Manchester United mummies. 
PP showing her love by constantly touching her beloved "nanny" Aunty Alia. 
Ayesha wanted to play with and kiss PP but PP was in no mood to be social. Grumpy baby. 
PP finally smiled when Aunty Ira played with her.

One should always bring food anywhere, no matter how long the event is. Since PP was refusing to BF for long, she had to eat some apple and pear puree i brought from home. And Aunty Alia was left to feed her since Mummylicious had to escape to the ladies because she was leaking. Yikes! but I am happy that football jerseys dries fast :)

 Aunty Alia was more excited than PP. And look at my baby's messy face!

PP was showcasing her strangers anxiety very clearly. When we just arrive, my friends wanted to pick her up and carry her around. Cause that what friends do. She was still in shock over the amount of people at the place, her face were "not impressed Mummy" "why is there so many people" "grumpy grumpy grumpy". and of course cried soon after arriving and midway through the party. But as soon as the crowd begin to thin out...she was a happy, smiling, talking, laughing baby.

Before, when there were a lot of people and PP just arrived. 
After, the crowd have left, leaving us with happy PP! as i was still trying to give PP BF before we get into the car. And if she gets hungry then...i'll die.

At the end of the day, PP received a poodle balloon by Mr Clown. Then she started to eat the poodle. Of course. Why not eh? and then she was seated next to birthday boy Aiden, who immediately took poodle away from PP. Poor PP can only look, and extend her chubby arms to get the poodle back from Aiden. but since her movements are still slow. She can only reach out for poodle before Aiden quickly moved poodle away from her..and she can only look at poodle...and these photos were from Mr Clown. 

 Clockwise from top left:
PP "oo nom nom nom nom, yummy poodle balloon"
The moment Aiden took poodle away from PP. Look at her chubby hands and arm! Look at her face. Poor baby. 
PP "can you get me my poodle back?" Awwww...
"Please let me have my poodle back Aiden". Chubby hands reaching out the unattainable poodle

And then Aiden got bored with poodle and PP was happy and possessive again over her poodle.

 "I got poodle back! Mine mine mine! aaaaaa Nom nom nom nom!"

What birthday party would it be without the birthday cake pictures and a group picture with the birthday boy. So we did with Aiden's party banner as the background. All the while, PP was eyeeeeing the birthday cake.
 she liked it so much i had to move her away as she wanted to grab the "Aiden" sitting on the football.

 Group picture with Mummy iza of Hugzandkisses shopblog before she leaves with Ayesha.

While i was going to the car. Aunty Alia bullied PP with the party hat!

Only when we arrived home, I realised we didn't took any photos with the doorgift! So another photo session was in order!
Before: PP "Nom nom nom...mmmm paaarty pack". Party pack before being opened
After: and the content of the party pack. Umm Liz, the clapper is the wrong football? hehe and the price tag was still on it :P

Look who got more excited over the party pack contents? My sister, PP's Tiyah. 

She also made several interesting comments about Aiden the birthday boy.

Tiyah: "PP do you think Aiden is cute? I think he got that old macho baby know. on a one year old. ...." "its the hair...makes him look all macho....macam P.Ramlee"
"PP do you want him to be your boyfriend? i think he's cute. If i was a one year old baby, i would think he is cute. I would want him to be my boyfriend..."

Hmmm okay.
Tiyah "uuhhhh a whistle" "uuuhhh a mask" "uuuuu can i have this?" grabbing the lollipop
PP "nom nom nom nom" on plastic bag and kept looking at Tiyah while she was excited over each content.
Thanks Liz for the party pack, Tiyah really loved it

Of all the toys a baby have, the simplest and cheapest are the ones the enjoy the most. 
The plastic bag that I could not take away from her. 

Finally she let go of the plastic bag and got very curious with the American football clapper. Touch it. Explore it. Eat it. Then see mummylicious moving it and it makes a noise. and she tried to move the clapper to make the noise!!! my PP growing big and brilliant!

The photo is blurry because she was moving her arms AND body as she tried to make the sound.

Thank you Aunty Alia for most of the brilliant photos from the party!
XoXo. Mummylicious with promise to PP she shall have her party soon too. (only not as grand as Aiden's :P )


alia said...

"all photos taken at the party were by her ... and the clown...." - cracks me up!

Tiyah is so tiyah!! such a burst of sunshine on a gloomy day! I still cannot get the image of her dance outta my head! i think crazy dance moves runs in ur family (remember the penguin dance before labour??) heheheheh! pleaseeeee post that up!

Mummylicious said...

penguin video will be posted up in due time. so keep your eyes out for that silly thing. hehe i promised myself that as it will be an "educational" video :P

alia said...

that vid's gonna go viral

Mummylicious said...

hahaha later! im still stuck at week12 for pregnancy post. that video is week...erm.when did i gave birth? WEEK 38!