Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hearing baby first heartbeat and a year after

Grandnana is how old? Shhhhh. Grandnana is the silly one on the left. its genetic.

Today, our family gave thanks to God for many reasons, my sister's save recovery from her brain surgery, my mother's *secret age* birthday and also for giving us PP especially now she is 6 months old by having a "kenduri kesyukuran" (a thanksgiving event).

2nd ultrasound scan at 12 weeks
 7 April 2009

mummylicious with 5months and 28 days old PP
10 April 2010

Same time last year, she was in me. Today she is a thriving 6 months old baby. A baby that refuses to roll but still thriving, growing beautifully.

Same time last year, i could feel her fluttering movements in my tummy. Today, she's kicking her legs at my face, my neck, and on my tummy.

Same time last year, we heard her racing heartbeat for the first time. Only other way i could hear was to annoy Dr Tang everyday. As much as i love Dr Tang, i didn't want to see her everyday just to listen to PP's heart. Today, all i have to do is lay my ears on her heart to hear her heart beating.

According to Dr. Spock, your best chance to hear your baby's heartbeat for the first time is by week 12. Our prenatal appointment was right on time. It would be scary not to be able to hear the heartbeat on week 9 or 10 just because we were unlucky to hear it! So i advise dear friends if you were pregnant. Only insist to listen after week 12 or you only worry yourself sick if you get "unlucky".

"After the 9th or 10th week after your last menstrual period, you might be able to hear your baby's heartbeat at your prenatal appointment. Your obstetrical practitioner probably uses a Doppler instrument for this purpose, which bounces harmless sound waves off the fetal heart. The way the sound comes back is affected by motion, so a beating heart creates a change in the sound that can be picked up by the receiver in the Doppler. Whether you actually hear the heartbeat at 9 or 10 weeks depends partly on luck-the instrument must be placed at just the right angle. It also depends on the position of your uterus, and if you're slim or heavy. By the 12th week, the heartbeat can usually be heard consistently, using the Doppler instrument for amplification." Dr Spock's Hearing the Fetal Heartbeat
Nevertheless, even with hearing PP's heartbeat, Daddylicious was worried. When you first hear a baby's heartbeat in the womb
1. it's loud
2. it's fast. it sounds exactly like a galloping horse.
So Daddylicious asked Dr Tang with a very worried face "is that normal?!" as most parents would ask even if they already know IT IS!
Dr Tang smiled and said "don't worry, it is."
IT is. IT is there. IT is very real. IT is very very real. The Peanut is no longer just a blob. In just a month time, IT became a baby.

At 7 weeks, PP was a blob.

At 12 weeks, PP is really really really there, here, in my womb! with distinctive parts, a face you can see! a head! hands! arms! legs! you can see the BUTT! hear her heartbeat! It is real! I had a living being inside of me. I really had a living being inside of me. I was really becoming a mother.

I think, at the moment i heard her heartbeat for the first time and see her "wave" at me, was the first time I accepted this was really happening. Don't get me wrong, most of the time i was still in periods of i-can't-believe-i'm-pregnant until i was about to give birth. but hearing her heartbeat and seeing her not in blob form really was one of the moment that made me stop and say "daaang, i really have a baby inside of me and i am no longer responsible for myself! Dang, this is real" Dang indeed. And now, there's no denying it. I am no longer responsible for myself and she is real. Real and here next to me.

It is also the start of Daddylicious being worried about being a daddy. and buying magical items for baby and mummylicious to make mummylicious happy during her hormones rollercoaster before and after baby :)

Thank you God, Allah SWT for this gift of life as precious as light that You have bestowed upon us (without us even expecting You to).

Today, 10 April 2010 at 6 months

The new gang in town. First photo together.
3 girls. more than 17 years as friends. 3 babies.

PP's reaction after being kissed by a girl! :P
My precious, precious serious little bundle of joy

A year ago, 7 April 2009 at Week 12 of pregnancy

(1st vid) Just Mummylicious at prenatal visit 12 weeks being nervous, this being the 3rd month hence reaching the "in the clear" zone. or not.
(2nd vid) ultrasound scan at 12 weeks. cant hear heartbeat in the video but i was shocked to see an actual baby in my womb.

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