Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Baby made her first trip to KLCC

Yes, its PP first trip to Kuala Lumpur City Center at 6 months and 2 weeks old. I haven't been to KLCC for a looong time. And to think I used to go there everyday for meeting clients. .... and I was "K.G dot com" (very VERY impressed) when seeing all the new shops and new deco going around. even the new CCTV system at the parking caught my eyes. When did that happened?

PP having tea with the Mad Hatter and co. PP was not impressed. 

Arrived there approx. 5pm to meet with Daddylicious post-work. Throngs of people leaving twin towers offices streaming out, of course met a few old colleagues who all did double takes at me (the red stroller and baby threw them off). And i never felt so popular with the sales people in all the boutiques and department stores! even while we were moving, we had to stop when PP was getting her "grand welcome" to KLCC. 

Just browsing? always feel sheepish and overwhelmed by salespeople snotty attitude towards you? Bring a baby along! doesn't have to be yours! and they will melt, melt, melt! plus. "baby-needs-to-move-she's-bored" is also a good getaway excuse from overbearing salespeople.

Tips for new moms-to-be, always remember your child's age as this is the NO.1 question strangers and friends will ask you. Over and over and over again.

PP is approximately 65cm tall according to Mr Giraffe at Isetan's Nursery room entrance

I think i need to start a series of baby rooms review at KL shopping centers. So more about Isetan's nursery room in later post.

PP and Daddylicious surveyed golf merchandised. PP looks bored here, good girl.

After surveying more handbags, wasted time, got my rings cleaned and polished at Habib (and me being reminded by the salesperson that though my wedding ring looks humble, it is not. Yeah, yeah Daddylicious, thank you but enough giving me *that look), we headed off to the real reason why I was in KL. To have dinner with PP's great-grandparents who is down in KL from Kelantan for a mere 5 days. 

Dinner at Full House. Of course all attention was to PP
Who is missing? *laughing at PP's missing aunties. Evil SIL i am.

 What shall PP have off-the menu? Concentrating hard to choose

PP having her dinner
I was trying out a new readypackaged food, Organix. loved it at first, got bored of it soon after.

PP was very impressed by the deco. couldn't stop looking at the fountain, the doves and the green, green hedges. Especially the green, green creeper filled backdrop at our dinner table. She wanted to touch it all the time. Touch. grab. touch. grab. pull. touch. touch. Thank God no sucking at it!


With her great-grandparents.

With her TokBah
Touch beard.grab.pull.touch moustache.grab.pull

With Mummylicious!

With her TokMi
Nope. No actions here

When we reached home. It was time for bed. Sometimes i feed her sitting up, but tonight, she only BF better if i were to lie down with her. And as usual, PP suckles while I be online reading FB statuses, trying to type one handed, news and other Mummylicious blogs i follow. 

So while i was on lizzieasamummy blog who is a close friend, PP stopped suckling and looked at my laptop screen. and kept looking. and kept looking. and kept on looking not moving. two minutes tops. After endless coaxing for her to continue suckling, finally she suckled for ONE second before continue staring. early start to Mummylicious and Daddylicious boy-troubles. 

So what was she busy looking at? This....

PP busy memorising Aiden's face before going to bed.  
Dreaming of a boy already?!


::Ida:: said...

amboiiiii pp.. pandaiii diaaa...

Mummylicious said...

pandai kan dia? hariz dia tak minat tengok, sorry babe. hehe she likes "older" boys.