Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mummylicious not happy with blog: Part 2

EDIT: Oppss. Nevermind. Found the button to make it all re-appear.  If you had the same issue as me ie "Sudden panic attack!" Follow these steps,

1.Take a deep breathe.
2. Press every.single. buttons there are on Blogger. (optional: scream while you are doing it)
3. Logout.
4. Sign-in again.
5. Repeat step 2. (this time mumble to yourself about your blogger's right and the injustice this is)
6. At the very 'Customize Design'

Tadaaah! 'Layout' option reappears together with all your previous downloaded widgets. *slap myself on the forehead. Brilliant Mummylicious, brilliant!
I've reverted back to Minima blogger template to re-do my whole blog look and suddenly, my layout options is no longer there! What the...?

I know I have to reset all my widgets again but how am I gonna do that if I can't find the layout settings?!!

Mummylicious is not happy blogger! Not happy at all! What is going on?? OMG OMG! *more screaming session at the laptop. Poor's not your fault. I'm screaming at Blogger. Not you.

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